Create a Membership Site with WordPress

WordPress is a very powerful platform.You can do any think with it.The limitation is your imagination. WordPress itself has a lots of cool feature.When it intrigated with a plugin like Magic Members the result is a very versatile membership site platform.

Features of Magic Members:

  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Easy Integration with Existing or New WordPress Blogs
  • Flexible Membership Options
  • Payment Integration Modules
  • Control Subscription Length
  • Unlimited Coupon Creation
  • Login Redirection
  • Sequential Course Delivery System
  • Controlled Content Access
  • Partial Content Display
  • Pay Per Post Access
  • Entire Blog Protection
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Secure RSS Tokens
  • Download Manager
  • Simple Member Management
  • AutoResponder Integrations
  • Simple:Press Forum Integration
  • Multi Language Support
  • Custom Widgets

They offer video tutorial and forum to support you.So need a membership site try Magic Members now!

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Best wordpress plugin collection

WordPress is my favorite blogging platform. It has more than 13 million users in total and the self-hosted has been downloaded more than 5 million times.One of the reasons that I’m so madly in love with WordPress is the thousands of plugins available.I can do whatever with wordpress with the hues collections of plugin and most of them are free or charge !! WordPress has a big community to support you.You can do a blog,a simple to very complex e-commerce website with wordpress.

When i develop a wordpress site some plugin come handy to me frequently.I have listed them for you. Continue reading

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New wordpress template : GREEN

I have lunched another wordpress template “GREEN”.Build green world with this free template.

This template contain following features:

  • Theme options
  • 2 column
  • Right sidebar
  • Blog sidebar widget
  • Contact Page sidebar widget
  • Three footer widgets
  • Jquery comment validation

Continue reading

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New free wordpress template : White Cloud

Check out my latest new WordPress theme “White Cloud”

  • Multi-level drop down menus
  • Blog sidebar widget
  • Contact Page sidebar widget
  • Three footer widgets
  • Right sidebar
  • 2 column
  • Theme options Continue reading
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WORDPRESS 3 new features that you should know

WordPress is a dedicated blogging platform, giving users the tools they need to publish their message and interact with readers

The list of new features in WordPress 3.0 isn’t very long in comparison to previous releases.  However, the changes that are coming will certainly have a significant impact, particularly if you use WordPress as a CMS. Continue reading

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